Coupon Lingo

Can you translate BIGIF (1/17 P&G) $0.98 FP?
It means buy 1 get 1 Free coupon from January 17th's Proctor and Gamble insert. Final price=$0.98

Here are the common abbreviations in the couponing world:

SS-Smart Source Coupon Insert (comes in the newspaper)

RP-Red Plum Coupon Insert

V-Valassis Coupon Insert

P&G-Proctor & Gamble Coupon Insert

Peelie-coupon that is right on the item for you to use right then!

B1G1F-Buy 1, get 1 Free

*****- 5 Star Deal (what are you waiting for? Stock up!)

FP-Final Price (after coupons, Catalinas, RR, Gift Cards, etc.)

OOP-Out of Pocket

Catalina-coupon that prints out after purchase for use on a future purchase. You can use catalinas on another transaction (even if it is for the same items) and still get another catalina. Just purchase your catalina items first, then use them right then on the rest of your items!

Doubler-Albertsons in-ad coupon that allows you to double the value of any manufacturer coupon (up to $1). Use with a $1 or less manufacturer coupon and get another $1 off. These come is sets of 3 in the Albertsons ads. You can use 3 Doublers per transaction. Most stores will let you do 3 transactions in a row per visit.

RR-Register Reward. A coupon that prints out on certain items at Walgreens. That RR cannot be used on the same item to get another RR (no rolling).
Rolling-Refers to earning a Catalina or Register Reward on one transaction and using it on another transaction. At Albertsons you can earn a catalina and use it right then on another transaction and still get another catalina. At Walgreens if you earn a Register Reward on one item and then turn around and buy that same item again and use the Register Reward, a new one will not print. You can "roll" a catalina if it is a different item.
SCR-Single Check Rebate. Rite-Aids rebate program. You can only turn in one rebate per month at Rite Aid so you wait until the end of the month and submit all your items together. It can be done online.