Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Coupon Class

Save the date:
Mommy's Night Out Coupon Class
Thursday, January 8th
7 PM
Invite your friends and join us!

Jared from Albertsons will be there and so will
the guy from Idaho Press Tribune (you can sign
up to receive multiple Sunday papers)

It will be at Heather's home in Sand's Pointe Sub.

*If you would like to start receiving 4 or more Sunday
papers delivered on Monday for just 0.50 cents each please
let us know. We are trying to get a route in the
Greenhurt/Middleton/Iowa/Midland area. Multiple papers is how I save so
much and stock up on great items. A couple weeks ago
I made over $20 profit at Walgreens on 5 toothbrushes
and 5 things of floss.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Free or almost Free General Mills Cereal

First, you need to get the current Fred Meyer ad.
Then go to Albertsons and choose 4 General Mills Cereal listed on the back of the ad.
The sales is 4 for $10
-$4 Albertsons Promo (instant savings)
then use the Fred Meyer coupon on top of that ($4 off 4 GM Cereals)
Final Price =$2
If you have manufacturers coupons you can also use those just make sure you get other items because your total can't go below zero.

For example: I have lots of coupons for $1 off 2 boxes of Chex. If I bought 4 boxes at 4 for $10 -$4 (instant savings) -$4 (Fred Meyer coupon) -$2 (two $1 off 2 boxes of Chex)=FREE
Gotta love it! I bought 4 big bags of groceries for $2.04 (I had some leftover $5 off your next shopping purchase from last week).

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Albertsons Free Crocs, Red Box Codes and $5 off!

There is a big Proctor and Gamble sale at Albertsons.
Spend $20 on P&G items and get $5 off your next shopping purchase (not valid on P&G items). Plus, get 5 Free Red Box Codes. Spend $25 and you can do a mail in rebate for Free Crocs (ask for the rebate form).

I bought:
Herbal Essences hair products
Aussie hair prodcuts
Old Spice deodorant
Oil of Olay lotion
Downy and more
(see pinching your pennies Utah forum for more)

The items above are the items I purchased. In the P&G insert there are tons of coupons (they only one in this past Sunday's paper). I get 5 Sunday papers so I had tons of coupons.

I did 4 separate transactions. My first one cost me only $1.80! I spent probably about $35 dollars and have $20 in $5 off your next shopping order coupons. I also have 20 free codes for Red Box movies! I should have gone to Walgreens first and used my Register Rewards to get the items for practically free. I think I will be going back for round 2!


I just got back from a great shopping trip to Walgreens and Albertsons.

Thanks to Jenn who brought this great deal to my attention. With finals next week I have been behind on checking the great deals out there!

Back in the October 12th Red Plum coupon insert (in the Sunday paper) there was a coupon for Reach toothbrushes (Buy one get one Free) and Reach Floss ($1 off). I am glad I am saving those inserts (I write the date they came out and the cover and file them away). It was not a coupon I orginally cut out so I am glad to be organized.

Walgreens has a deal where you buy 2 reach items which are on sale for 2 for $6 and you get a $6 Register Reward which makes them free without any coupons. If you have coupons you your deal is even sweeter. I used my BOGOF (Buy one get one free) coupons on the toothbruses. I spent $3.36 and got a $6 Register Reward back. Only one Register Rewards prints off per transaction so get someone nice to do multiple transactions for you. I did 5! I spent 16.80 on 10 toothbrushes and I have $20 in Register Rewards! That's a profit of $13.20. You can use Register Rewards at Albertsons too.

PS-They were out of floss so I will be going back.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

K-Mart double coupons this week

Until Saturday. The Nampa store is included so there shouldn't be any trouble this time (last time when I went they were trying to say I had to have a flyer). They will double coupons up to $2 in value. There is a limit of 75 items and only 1 of each item will be doubled.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey Deal at Albies

When you purchase $25 worth of selected Kraft/Nabisco products you get $10 instantly off your turkey. They actually had a checklist for you so you knew exactly what items were included. It is on the front page of the ad as well.

Here's what I did:
4 boxes of Kraft Easy Mac (for quick lunch occassionally) 4 x $2 = $8
9 boxes of Triscuits and Wheat Thins (I wanted these for the holidays and super bowl)
In the same transaction I also purchased a 21 pound Village Market Turkey (get one over 16 lbs to get it for .38 cents per pound) for 7.98.
It took $10 off (even though my turkey was only 7.98) plus I had a $10 coupon from the ConAgra deal I did last week.

So all in all I spent
=13.98 Without the deal the turkey alone would have been more than that!
There are other items besides crackers and mac n' cheese. Cool whip, Oreos and more!

Enterntainment Book for $5 courtesy of SimplyMom

Thanks for the tip SimplyMom!

Anyway, the books retail for $25, but you can get one for $5. Here's what you do: Go to http://www.cashbaq.com/?refer=451315
and sign up for an account. This is a free site that gives you money back for shopping online-- they will either send you a check or deposit it in your Paypal account on the 20th of the month after your cash back balance equals $10. They will instantly credit your new account $5. Then scroll down and on the right hand side, you will see a link for Entertainment book (or select Entertainment book under "Shop by Store" on the left hand side.

This pulls up a page with coupons-- 20% off and free shipping or $5 off and free shipping. Click either one-- at least for Boise and Utah, the discount is the same. (These coupons expire Nov 30, 2008, so order soon). Then on the Entertainment books page, type in your zip code and it pulls up your local book. (These are also nice if you are traveling to somewhere for a couple weeks-- like CA, you can save quite a bit eating out).You can look through the different coupons here and see if you think you'll use it. So then when you check out it is $20, but $10 will be credited to your Cashbaq account, plus the $5 you got for signing up. So your final price for the book after the rebate will be $5.

(Entertainment books will let you add a 2nd book for $15, but you are better off placing a 2nd order through Cashbaq. If you use the first account you set up, your total will be $10, if you set up a new one with a 2nd email address, your total will be $5 again). With free shipping, I'm having my gift ones sent to my in-laws house so I won't have to worry about reshipping for Christmas.

(If you do very much online shopping, another similar site is www.ebates.com I've used it quite a bit in the past. Some stores offer better discounts on cashbaq, some on ebates, so I just check both and use the best one to get money back. In the past year I've got just over $100 back on stuff I would be buying anyway-- If you do ebates, please put my email address as the referral and they'll give me $5. (janetcox123 @ gmail.com) I also always check www.retailmenot.com to look for coupon codes, usually you can combine the coupon and the rebate.)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free Popcorn at Albertsons

When you buy 3 Jolly Time popcorns for $5 you get a mail in rebate for an Albertsons $5 gift card. 2 per household. Use the coupons at this link (you'll have to register) and save $1-1.50 per box. Go to the link and print each coupon twice. You'll actually make $$! $5-1.50-1.50-1=$1 out of pocket plus you'll get a $5 gift card!

Good until next Thursday the 27th.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Free pie and Breyer's at Albertsons

Buy one Sara Lee pie and get another pie plus 2 Breyer's Ice Creams for FREE! No coupons required. It will cost you $6.39 + tax.

Also, you can still get Marie Callender's meals. Spend $20 and get a $10 coupon. See pinching your pennies for other items included in this catalina offer.

Catalinas are the coupons that print off at the register after you buy things. :)

Free Snapfish Book

You can make a book 20-page book for Free! You upload your pictures and write what you want it to say. Use this link. You must sign up for the coupon/book by Friday at midnight (Pacific time) and must make and order the book by Sunday at midnight. $29.99 value, you just pay shipping. One per household but you could ship to grandparents as gifts! You would have to use different email addresses.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

HUGE Albertsons Sale until Tuesday

Chicken 1.67/lb!!!!!!!!!!!

Click here to go to Pinching Your Pennies printable shopping list. Printable coupons are listed as well. Spend $30 on any of the mix and match items and get $15 off your next shopping order. That is like getting the items for 50% off! Use coupons for even greater savings. Then use your $15 coupon off your next set of items and get another $15 off coupon.

I made Dan go with me to push a second cart and we spent $33.33 total ($19.57 the first transaction, $7.46 the seond transaction, and $6.30 the third transaction). Plus I have a $10 coupon to use next time so really only $23.33!

We got:
11 Marie Callendar's dinners (see below for deal info.)
4 cartons of Breyer's Ice Cream
3 cake mixes
3 frostings
2 Wish bone salad dressings
4 Knorr Side dishes
4 Chex Mixes
4 Green Giant veggies
2 boxes Betty Crocker potatos
3 Cookie Mixes
2 Gogurts
2 Dove Conditioners
2 Progresso Soups
1 Gillette Fusion Razor

Marie Callendar's meals are on sale for 1.88 (first 10). Spend $20 on Marie Callendar dinners and get a $10 coupon off your next shopping order. You will have to pay full price for one to get to $20. These are so good!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sale at Albertsons

General Mills cereal is on sale for 1.88. Use coupons to make it less. The nice thing is there are no minimums to buy. I have got cereal under $1 many times (some for 50 cents). But if you need some now for a pretty decent price:
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Cookie Crisp
Count Chocula
Dora the Explorer
Franken Berry
French Toast Crunch
Golden Grahams
Lucky Charms
Reese’s Puffs
$1/3 (came in the newspaper on 10/5 and expires 11-15-08)
0.55/1 at this link (print two)
Use this link, go all the way to the bottom for $1 off Honey Nut Cheerios, and 2 $1/2 coupons

Also, Libby's canned veggies (corn, green beans) are 20 for 12 but buy 20 and get $2 off instantly making each can only 0.50 cents.

Albertsons ads run Wednesday to Tuesday. Supposedly there is a big sale coming up before Thanksgiving!

Laundry Soap

This may seem a little over the top but I thought I would share it anyways! I saw that show on TLC 17 kids and Counting. They make their own laundry soap. It looked too complicated boiling etc. This recipe of a powder form seems a lot easier.

Taken from Savvy Shopper:

1 c grated fels naptha bar soap found in the laundry section of the store (.99-1.09) each bar should grate to 2 c. This is also a good stain remover and I keep a bar on hand to rub on stains before washing.
1c Borax 2.69 at walmart also in the laundry isle. It is a laundry booster and disinfectant and there are many uses on the box. I also keep a diluted bottle on hand to use as a stain remover for laundry. 1c Arm and Hammer WASHING soda.

Equates to only 5 cents per load. I have a huge thing of Tide but I may try this when it is gone. I'll let you know. If you have tried making your own soap before let us know how it went.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Best Albertsons Deals (end Tuesday)

Raspberries 1.68 (limit 4)
C&H Powdered Sugar and Brown Sugar 10 for 10 (mix and match with other items)

Click here to see the 3 day meat sale at Albertsons. I don't know much about meat because I am mostly a chicken person. Ends Saturday (today).
Purchase the following quantities of items for a free candy or pizza up to $3 (requires in-ad coupon). Get a free pizza or candy for each set of items!

1 Martinelli's sparkling cider 6 pack $5.99
2 Hawaiian Punch fruit drinks 128 oz. 2 @ $2.50
2 Nabisco Honey Maid graham crackers 10.4-14.4 oz. 2 @ $3
3 Dreyers ice cream 48 oz. 3@ $3.34
3 Ghirardelli brownie mix 17-20 oz. 3 @ $2
3 Kellogg's Nutri-Grain bars 6.7-10.4 oz. 3@ $2.67
3 Nestle Ready to Bake cookies 13.5-19 oz. 3@ $3
3 Purex laundry detergent 24-32 oz. 3 @ $3.33
4 Velveeta Shells & Cheese 9.4-14 oz. 4 @ $2.50
5 Taco Bell dinner kit 11.5-16.33 oz. 5 @ $2
6 Hot or Lean Pockets 8-9 oz. 6 @ $1.67

Side note: I was stocking up on flour this week at WinCo. They have the best price on unbleached flour. Much to my surprise the 10 pound bag cost 0.79 cents more than 2 five pound bags. My mom said Walmart is the same way. Watch out for that! I wonder how many times I bought the 10 pound bag thinking it should be less. I bought 12 bags so I saved almost 5 bucks!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Walgreens $5 off Coupon today and tomorrow only

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

KMart Double Coupons Sale

Super Double Coupon Days Wednesday through Saturday (October 15-18) this week. I will check it out tomorrow at 8 am!

Cheap Candy at Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer allows you to use their store coupons with a manufacturers coupon. They have a coupon allowing you to get 10.29 to 11.6 oz. bags of fun size Snickers, Milky Way and more for 1.88 (that price is for the first 3). Use the $1 off 2 bags coupon from this Sunday's paper to get 2 for 0.88 cents each! Great for Halloween!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Rite Aid Rebates through Saturday

Heather showed me all the stuff from the Rite Aid rebates for this week. Tons of medicines which I think are great to have on hand and great for food storage. How many times do we end up running to the drug store late at night? If you get these items you will have a nice stash and hopefully won't have to do that. Did I mention the items are FREE after rebate! And they have made it so easy. You can enter your receipt # on their website and voila! No cutting UPC codes from boxes etc. I already entered mine. The only thing you will end up paying for is the tax on the medication! You can only submit your rebates once a month so I am going to wait until the end of the month so I can get the rebate stuff next week. These items end Saturday. There are other rebates available until the 25th of October. There is a $10 rebate off 3 Huggies Jumbo packs and $5 if you purchase Downy and Tide together.

Here's what I got:

I forgot to mention how nice they are about it! I have done the Walgreen rebates but their workers usually act annoyed! I told the lady I would be sending people over and she thought it was great! I love stores with great customer service. She even helped to make sure I didn't have any double items since you can only get 1 rebate for each item.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Coupons 101

Getting started
The first things you will need:

1. Multiple Sunday newspapers. There is usually a Smart Source and Red Plum insert. Some weeks there are Proctor and Gamble (toothpaste, etc) or other inserts. You can have multiple papers delivered or many grocery stores sell Sunday papers all week. Purchase more if you know the coupons are ones you will definitely use. Go to Taylortown Coupon Preview to see what coupons should be in the upcoming paper (see link under Helpful Sites). If you are going to spend an hour or more a week you want your savings to be worth your time. Shoot for 70% off your grocery bill (with coupons and store sales). Consider the time spent and the savings and I think you'll find an extra hour a week to save $90 is worth it!

2. Organization. There are many ways to organize your coupons. Heather suggested getting baseball card organizers (pages that have three hole punch so you can put them in a notebook). Walmart does not currently have them but Team Dewey in Karcher Mall sells them for 0.25 per page. Cut out the coupons of things you use and place them in the notebook. As you flip through you can see what you have. For the coupons you don't think you'll use just write the date on the cover of the insert and file the rest for future use. There have been coupons I didn't think I'd need but then the item was free or really inexpensive and I wished I had them. You can donate items your unneeded items to shelters, etc.

3. Start Shopping. Buy items that are on sale. One of the best sites I use is Pinching your Pennies (see sidebar for link). Click on deals by state, go to Idaho's Screaming Deals. You will find a weekly printable shopping list for Alberstons. Pinching your Pennies will list all the sales items, coupons that came out, printable coupon links (these are great, they are often higher value than coupons from the newspaper). Follow their star system to see what items are super hot deals. Use your coupons to make the deal even sweeter. Make sure you are getting aprox. 70% off regular price. If the item is only 50% off you can probably get it cheaper. Stockpiling is the goal. I like to buy in 10s (that is why I buy multiple newspapers). You want to stock up on items when they are on sale so you don't end up paying full price. It takes time but little by little you will have a great food storage.

When meat is on sale stock up. The best Albertsons sale for boneless skinless chicken breasts or tenders is $1.69/pound. The nice thing is you can have how ever much you need for your family wrapped up for you. It is nice to always have it on hand too.

4. Stick with it. It may take a little while to get the hang of it but saving $$$ can be lots of fun. I feel like the money I save is money I can use for other things.