Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Albertsons Sale starting tomorrow

Let's stock up those freezers!

Boneless skinless chicken breasts only 1.88 per pound in the butcher block. I love buying meat this way because I can have the exact amount my family uses wrapped up for me! (chicken tenders are NOT 1.88 this time)
Extra lean ground beef 85% - Butcher Block 1.99/lb.
Boneless pork top loin roasts - cut and wrapped free 1.88/lb.

1.88/lb. Max Pak:
Boneless beef cross rib roast
Boneless pork shoulder country style ribs
Boneless pork sirloin chops or roasts

I usually buy tons of chicken when there is a sale. For this one I am going to start cooking up a bunch of chicken and other meat and freezing it. Get those crock pots ready! Click here for a great Make-your-own-frozen-burritos recipe. Cost effective and yummy! Save time and money, two of my favorite things!

Check out Money Saving Mom's Baking Days. I am going to start looking for a big freezer for the garage so I can do this.

You could also try this with your chicken or this (second one down). Or cook chicken in salsa for yummy tacos, enchiladas and more.

Spray and Wash (Heaven knows I need tons of this!) on sale for $2 but there are .50 and .75 cent coupons out there (SS 3/8).

Easter Candy (M&Ms) 1.88 with in-store coupon. There is also a manufacturers coupon from red plum 3/1 making them only 1.38!
Freschetta Brickoven Pizza 3.99 with in-store coupon. Use the manufacturers coupon from 3/1 SS for another $1 savings.

Kraft promo: Save $3 instantly when you spend $10 on participating products.
Includes Crystal Light, California Pizza Kitchen, Chips Ahoy and more. You can do more than one set of $10 worth of items in a single transaction.

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