Thursday, June 4, 2009

Doublers (again) at Albertsons

Yeah for doublers! Here is what I got today:
2 Digiorno Flatbread pizza $5
2 blocks of Kraft 2% cheese $4
1 bag of marshmallows $1
-$3 instant savings (when you spend $10 on select items)
-$1.50 printable coupon for pizza
-$1.50 printable coupon for pizza
-$1 printable coupon on cheese
-$1 pritable coupon on cheese
-$1 doubled coupon (ask for these at customer service--you get 3)
-$1 doubled coupon
=$0(just pay tax) Sweet!!!

Pinching Your Pennies also has links for printable coupons for SoBe life water B1G1 Free. Print two and buy 5. Albertsons has a promo buy 4, get 1 free instantly. Use the two B1G1 Free coupons to get all 5 for only $1.60. No calories.

Corn Flakes are on sale for $1.99 and on the boxes are coupons for $1 off produce when you buy the Corn Flakes. You could buy 3 boxes, get 3 lbs. of grapes (on sale for 0.99/lb.) for Free. Then use 3 doubler coupons from the front page of the ad and get 3 boxes and 3 lbs. of grapes for $3!
1.99 x 3=$6
+ $3 for 3 lbs. of grapes
-$1 peelie coupon
-$1 peelie coupon
-$1 peelie coupon
-$1 doubled coupon
-$1 doubled coupon
-$1 doubled coupon

Click here to go to PYP printable shopping list for more prinablte coupons and items that are part of the $3 instant savings deal.

Note: You can only double coupons up to $1. I didn't know that so I only got to use 2 of my doubler coupons on this transaction. For example, I could not double the $1.50 pizza coupon.

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