Monday, August 10, 2009

Free Kraft Products

The Albertsons Sale that starts this Wednesday has Kraft products on sale. Not only do you get a $5 off your next shopping order (catalina--the kind that prints out), you can also send in your receipt for a $20 mail in rebate!!! You can use manufacturers' coupons on top of the sale. By doing this you are actually getting paid to buy food. Pinching your Pennies has the Albie's ad (pdf) on their site. Click here to go to it.

Here are my shopping plans:
14 Kraft shredded or chunk cheeses (on sale 3/$5 or 1.67 each) = 23.38
4 boxes of Mac and Cheese (0.49 each) = 1.96
Total = 25.34
-$5 coupon (you will get one your first transaction to use on your second. Then you can keep rolling those to the next one). Does anyone have some left from last weeks sale? I think I have $20!!
-7 (I found coupons on ebay to get $1 off 2 kraft cheeses)
Total = 13.34

On a seperate transaction:
5 Capri Suns ($2 each) = 10
5 Chips Ahoy ($2.50 each) = 12.50
5 Mac and Cheese (0.49 each) = 2.45
=24.95 (I think it will work--if not I will add another Mac and Cheese)
-$5 coupon
-10 ($2 off coupons from ebay--save $2 when you buy Capri Suns and Chips Ahoy)
Total = 9.95

These totals are before the $20 Rebates!!!

I plan on sending rebates to friends/family who aren't going to take advantage of the sale. I will put one in my husband's name, my name, daughter's name, etc. The shredded cheese freezes really well!

Note: Please be courteous to other shoppers. When doing multiple transactions take your stuff to the car and go back for round #2 or try self checkout--they are really good about helping you with coupons if you need it!

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