Monday, August 23, 2010

Time to get Organized

The lazy days of summer are over for most of us. I have loved every minute with my kiddos sleeping in, swimming,  visiting family, playing, and staying up late. On the same note, I am ready for a routine and ready to re-organize. Today's City Smart deal seems like a good place to start: Restore Your Serenity With 2 Hours Of Feng Shui Organization From Clutter Control ($100 Value) For As Low As $35. Read more about it HERE.

If you want a fun workout option that involves your littles ones, you can get a pass for 10 Treasure Valley Stroller Stride classes for $50 (50% off) HERE. Did you get the Gap Groupon? I did and I used it on 2 dresses and 1 hat at Baby Gap and I only paid $1 and change out of pocket. It totally made my day!

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