Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Albertsons Free Crocs, Red Box Codes and $5 off!

There is a big Proctor and Gamble sale at Albertsons.
Spend $20 on P&G items and get $5 off your next shopping purchase (not valid on P&G items). Plus, get 5 Free Red Box Codes. Spend $25 and you can do a mail in rebate for Free Crocs (ask for the rebate form).

I bought:
Herbal Essences hair products
Aussie hair prodcuts
Old Spice deodorant
Oil of Olay lotion
Downy and more
(see pinching your pennies Utah forum for more)

The items above are the items I purchased. In the P&G insert there are tons of coupons (they only one in this past Sunday's paper). I get 5 Sunday papers so I had tons of coupons.

I did 4 separate transactions. My first one cost me only $1.80! I spent probably about $35 dollars and have $20 in $5 off your next shopping order coupons. I also have 20 free codes for Red Box movies! I should have gone to Walgreens first and used my Register Rewards to get the items for practically free. I think I will be going back for round 2!

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