Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Date Night on a Budget

There are many great ways to enjoy a night out without spending a lot of money. is a great resource. If you haven't used before you are really missing out! They offer $25 Gift Certificates for $10 (a few are $15). Don't pay that amount! They often have discount codes that take 70% or even 80% off making $25 certificates only $2 or $3! There are stipulations depending on the restaurant, such as the $25 certificate is valid on a meal of $35 or more with 18% gratuity. If you keep your tab to about $35 and subtract the $25 you are only paying $10 plus tip. This week's code is BONUS. Use this code to get 80% off (ends Jan. 31st)!!! You get a nice meal for a great deal (Ha, I didn't mean to rhyme). Most restaurants limit you to one certificate per month.

There are 43 restaurants in the Treasure Valley. There are only a certain number released each month so if you check and a particular restaurant is sold out, try again at the beginning of the month. This is a great opportunity to try something new (like one of my faves Ono Hawaiian Cafe) or an old favorite like Baja Fresh! Click here to visit!

Note: The certificates you purchase are self-tracking, in other words, even after they are used they show up under your account and you can print them off again. I learned the hard way and accidentally did this. My suggestion is to print them off when you purchase them and store in your glove box that way you don't get mixed up like I did. I was not a happy camper when I had to pay the full price because I printed the wrong certificate that had already been used.

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