Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Doublers at WalMart

UPDATE: Make sure to tell the cashier before they start ringing the items up, they have to manually take up to $1 off then scan the manufacturer coupon. They were very nice about it too! This was at the WalMart on 12th in Nampa. You can call your store and ask for a manager to see if they will accept these since they are store coupons.

Have you seen this sign at WalMart?
I don't like to post possible deals until I have tried them myself and I finally made it over to WalMart this afternoon. I was able to use 18 doublers in 1 transaction. They took my Target coupons too (I had a $1 off Pampers from a mailer). Here's what I got:

5 Reynolds Foil 80 square feet $0.50 each (reg. $2.50 -$1 coupon plus $1 doubler)
4 Huggies Wipes $0.24 (regularly $2.24)
1 Pampers Wipes FREE (regularly $1.97)
4 Fruit Chillers FREE (regularly $1.84) -$1 off HERE
2 Lysol Wipes $0.52 (regularly $2.52)
Mr. Clean Magic Erasers $0.46 (regularly $1.96)
2 Ziploc Sandwich Bags $0.77 (regularly $2.77, this one might be off, the coupon was for $1 off 2, it looks like she took $1 off both)
4 Similac Advance $0.50 (regularly $5.50-used mailer coupons. Sign up to get them HERE) They are good until June 2011 so I can save them because I plan to breastfeed exclusively for the first 6 months.

Total Before Coupons=$65.33
Total Paid=$9 for 24 items!


Alexis and Justin said...

That's really interesting. Have you heard whether this is only in the Boise area? I haven't heard of it here in Eastern Idaho.

Marcel & MaryBeth said...

I wanted to try this with this set of doublers but ended up just going to Albertson's and had probably my best doubler shopping trip ever. There was actually stuff left to use them on. I was wondering what Walmart you were at. I've read everyone talking about the Boise stores, but I'm using the Caldwell one. Maybe I'll just have to go there in the next few days and check it out. Thanks for your help

Dan~Kerstin~Bree~ Baby #2 said...

I went to the WalMart on 12th in Nampa. You can always call ahead and talk to a manager to see if your store will accept the doublers. They are store coupons so if they have that sign I would bet they will. They were very nice about it too!

My sister is in Eastern Idaho too and I told her to go check it out but it will have to be next time since doublers end today.

I ended up going to Albies too for a few more things! :)

Heather said...

Wow, this is great news! It is so much easier doing the shopping in just one place when you have little ones in the cart too.

Thanks for the tips. I guess I'll have to run into you at the 12th Ave Wally's too, heh heh heh.