Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Albertsons Deals

Items purchased:
3 Dole Lemon Lime Sensations Juice $2
-3 $1 off coupon (RP 4/18)
-3 Doublers
FP=FREE (They were out of Watermelon flavor so I got a raincheck)

3 Fruit Chillers
Used my rain check from a few weeks ago to get them for $2.39
-3 $1 off printable (from last month)
-3 Doublers
FP=$1.17 for 3, $0.39 each

3 Drumsticks Minis @ $2.50
-3 $1 off coupons
-$3 Doublers
=$1.50, $0.50 each
Plus, I got a catalina for $1.50 off your next shopping purchase!!!

My second Drumsticks Transaction looked like this:
3 Drumsticks Minis @ $2.50
-3 $1 off coupons
-$3 Doublers
-$1.50 catalina from first Drumsticks transaction
Plus, I got another catalina for $1.50 off your next shopping purchase!!!

I was completely out of napkins and paper towels so I did 2 transactions worth.
Here's what I got:
2 Bounty Paper Towels @ $5.99
3 Bounty Napkins @ $2.99
=$20.95 before coupons (need $20+ before coupons for catalina)
-5 $0.25 off coupons (P&G 5/2)
-$0.75 (3 Doublers)
-$1.50 off catalina from Drumsticks transaction #2
Plus, I got a $5 Catalina.

Transaction #2 looked like this:
2 Bounty Paper Towels @ $5.99
3 Bounty Napkins @ $2.99
-5 $0.25 off coupons (P&G 5/2)
-$0.75 (3 Doublers)
-$5 Catalina from transaction #1
Total OOP=$13.95
Plus, I got another $5 Catalina!

Not pictured (sitting in the trunk for the hubs to unload):
4 packs of Arrowhead Water $2.99 with in-ad coupon=$11.96
-$5 catalina from paper goods above
Total OOP=$6.96 for 4
Plus, I got a $5 Catalina!!!

I bought 3 packs of tortillas for $0.79 each.

I got a rain check for more Drumsticks and they were out of Capri Suns. I am going to order some coupons on ebay and hope for more doublers soon to get some for FREE!

Total Before Sale/Coupons: 137.64
Total Spent: $43.40 Plus, I still have a $5 Catalina so that brings my total down to $38.40!!!
Aprox. 72% off!!!


kranberrys said...

ahhhh! I need to go back in and at least get rain checks tonight. Thanks for the tips ;)

EdsonBunch said...

I've never been an albertsons shopper...Fred meyers is closer and I earn fuel rewards. But holy moly...since this new found love of coupons yeah albertsons has the best deals!! This week with doubles I got cereal .10 a box! I got 20 boxes...mike thought I was on drugs, but how do u pass that up?!?! For whatever reason kelloggs was spitting out 2 $4 catalinas. I had to call all my coupon friends :)!!
I love reading about peoples deals...I'm bummed I missed the drumsticks deal!! I love those things!

Dan~Kerstin~Bree~ Baby #2 said...

I wouldn't be an Albies shopper either without the deals! Great deal on cereal! If we get doublers tomorrow then you will still be able to get a great deal on drumsticks. ;)