Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Note about Doublers

I have been asked if I think it is ethical it is to use Albertsons Doublers at WalMart. While I obviously did it the other day, I wanted to clarify my opinion on the matter. This is just my opinion. You are entitled to agreeing or disagreeing with me. I also want to give some tips on how I will handle Doublers.

I feel very blessed to live in America where companies compete for my business. Do you know how expensive things are in other countries? My grandma lives in Canada and we always take food when we visit because of their crazy prices. Even other states have crazy prices. I grew up in San Diego and the grocery store prices were so outrageous that when WalMart opened, I shopped there (and the grocery stores for my coupon items). I can't stand to pay more for the same item.

Albertsons wants my business. WalMart wants my business too. They have a sign that says they will take other store coupons (which Albertsons did until last year as well.) I also shop at WinCo because they have low prices. I obviously do a ton of shopping at Albertsons. I shop where the deals are. Many stores offer price matches and such. It works great for the consumer.

It's true that at WalMart you don't get help when you need it, but sometimes I choose to find it myself to save money. They have earned some of my business by having low prices, just as Albertsons has earned some of my business with great deals for couponers. With that said, if you look at the "My Deals" tab you will see that most of the deals I get are at  from Albertsons. I love the deals I get there but I do not buy anything else I need there, I can't afford to. But I will continue to shop there for the deals. They still make money off my deal shopping.

Here is how I am planning on handling my Doublers: I will probably use them at both stores. I will not take any Doubers from the store over to WalMart. I will only use what I get in the paper. I don't think that using ones from the newspaper will hurt Albertsons, there are many people who get the newspaper and don't use them. They also have many shoppers that don't use any coupons that they make a lot of money off of (I know, I see them all the time!) I happen to buy 6 papers so I have 6 sets. I am not taking away from the store.

So I am Pro-WalMart, Pro-Albertsons, Pro-WinCo. Pro-Saving $$ where I can. I don't think I have to choose just one store. If it becomes detrimental to Albies then they will get my complete loyalty with coupon shopping. Who knows, maybe Albertsons will start to offer more Doublers in one transaction to compete back with WalMart? I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you feel that you shouldn't use any store coupons at any other stores, I can respect that.


Alexis and Justin said...

Yeah there's been a lot of controversy about this in the "blogosphere" ... I think that Walmart has every right to do it, but it's obvious that theyr'e trying to take business away from Albertsons, or else they'd do their own doubles. The only problem with that is, that if it becomes a regular thing, Albertsons may stop doing doublers to prevent Walmart from taking their business. Ya know? So wheras I am a fan of free enterprise, I would hate to see it happen that way. That's all I'm sayin'.

Dan~Kerstin~Bree~ Baby #2 said...

I hear what you are saying. At the same time I don't think it will put Albertsons out of business. Even without couponers they make a lot of money. They are not a mom and pop shop. If they cut off couponers they will lose a lot of money too. I would not shop at Albies at all if it weren't for the deals. I think it will actually make them compete more (like maybe offering 5 Doublers in a transaction or something). Many stores price match and accept competitor coupons so I guess I just look at it the same way. But I understand where you are coming from, I just think a little healthy competition is a good thing. ;)

Alexis and Justin said...

Yeah no I don't think it will put them out of business, just maybe make them stop issuing doublers. I do think though that they should allow more per transaction, since people are just going to do multiple transactions to use them all anyway (which wastes the cashier's time), that would be awesome.

Marcel & MaryBeth said...

I'm with Kerstin. I never shopped at Albertson's until I started couponing. There prices are just way to expensive for me. When we need things that I don't have a coupon for, we usually head to Winco, but it would be Walmart if we had time to deal with the hectic aisles and super long lines. Don't get me wrong we still do a quite a bit of shopping at Walmart. I love doublers from Albertson's, but have to admit since February when I started really couponing this last set of doublers was the first time that I went into the store and they had all the good deals still on the shelf. I'm thinking that I'll probaby always start with Albertson's and take what I can't use to Walmart.

Dan~Kerstin~Bree~ Baby #2 said...

Wouldn't it be nice? I still plan on shopping a lot at Albies. I went Tuesday night and got my FREE Capri Sun and Dole Sensations Juice with my rainchecks (the Capri Suns are still in my trunk which is why I didn't post about them). LOL. Both Albies by me do not hand out Doublers at Customer Service anymore. The cahsiers have them so to use them you have to use them right then. This will help prevent people taking them and going to WalMart. It's nice because they let me use 3 sets in a row still. I will probably still use them mostly there. I think as long as we aren't taking the Doublers from the store it won't cause any problems. Many Doublers from the newspaper will stll be used there and many will be thrown away too. :)

kranberrys said...

Good post Kerstin! Thanks for helping me see things from both side and more clearly =) I think your idea is an excellent just may see me now on one of your walmart runs ;)