Monday, April 5, 2010 Discount Code

Get 80% off certificates until April 6th (tomorrow). Get a $25 certificate for only $2. Use discount code CHOW. They are good for 1 year! We took my brother and sis-in-law to La Vie En Rose Bistro in downtown Boise this past weekend. The atmosphere was lovely and the food was divine! Check out our savings by using out certificate:
We got $38 worth of food. We had to buy at least $35 worth to use our certificate (this is pretty standard for most $25 certificates. Read the details when you buy yours.)
Gratuity calculated on full amount (another stipulation of the certificate)=$6.84 shown on our receipt as misc.
Sub Total=$19.84
6% tax=$1.20
Total=$21.04 including tax and tip
for 4 adult meals and enough food to share with my 4 year old

Without the certificate this would have cost us $47.12 with tax and tip.

Note: It looks like quite a few have reset. Some that were "Sold Out" when I looked on Friday are available today!

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