Saturday, March 6, 2010

Albertsons Update

I was able to get Old Orchard Apple Juice for Free tonight. These are on sale for $0.99 and the $10 CHILL Catalina will print when you buy 10! That makes for Free Juice without any other coupons. If you haven't used those $1 off 4 coupons then go make some money on these. Get coupons HERE.

Also, both Nampa stores have fruit snacks in stock. I got some more today!


Sophie said...

Juice!! Where did you get juice??

Dan~Kerstin~Bree~ Baby #2 said...

I got it at the store on 7th in Nampa. You can get a rain check because the Chill Promo is supposed to go all month!!! You can call to see if they have any. It's the Apple Juice and blends that are $0.99.