Monday, March 8, 2010

Lime Smoothies

Did you stock up on juice? If not, you should be able to get a rain check because the Chill Promo is supposed to go all month. I got a lot of grape juice because my dad makes a smoothie using grape juice. I made it today (even though it was raining!)

3 cups spinach (Don't tell the kids--you can't taste it!)
1/4-1/3 lime with rind (you can cut some of the rind off)
1/2 orange or tangerine (just make sure you pull out the seeds)
1/2 can canned pineapple
1/2 container frozen grape juice concentrate
2 cups ice
My dad has a VitaMix but I used my regular blender. Doesn't it look so fresh and delish?
It made 2 1/2 of these cups.


The Crum Family said...

Thanks for sharing those look incredible! Can't wait to make them.

Heather said...

Hi there, I'm the gal who approached you at Albertsons on 12th the other day. ;) Thanks for the great recipe - my daughter is happily slurping it down as I type!