Monday, March 22, 2010

Free Car Seat Check UPDATE

I told you about Free Car Seat Checks HERE. I went to my appointment on Thursday and it was great. I found out that my daughter, although she fits the minimum requirements to be in a booster seat, would be safer back in her 5-point harness for now. Young kids are more at-risk for internal bleeding, etc. even in low-speed crashes. I would rather be safe than sorry so for now we are switching back.  We haven't bought our little guy's seat yet so I plan on going again to have his seat properly installed. The ladies were great. They also gave me advice on which seat to buy. Set your appointment today! Go HERE to set it up at St. Luke's or HERE to find an event near you.

PS-When you turn in at the stoplight, go to the back,turn right and pass the ER entrance, then turn right. Look for a big bright orange sign!

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