Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fred Meyer Deals 3/14-3/20

Sorry my posts are late today. We have family in town and it's been kind of busy (the fun kind).
I will have Walgreens Deals up by the end of the day.

Foster Farms Whole Fryers $0.79/lb.
Ritz Cracker $2.50
Arrowhead Water $3.50
Powerade $0.89
Kraft Shredded Cheese, 7-8 oz. $1.67
Lay's Potato Chips $2
Pasta Roni, Rice Roni $1
Sunny D $1

California Large Navel Oranges, seedless $0.38/lb.
Organic Avocados $1.25
Red, Black or Green Grapes $1.98/lb. (I cant't wait until spring when produce is cheaper)
Green Cabbage $0.39/lb.
5 lb. Red Potatoes or Carrots $2
Hothouse Tomatoes $1.79/lb.
Organic Salad Blend $3.98

In-ad coupons
Fred Meyer Butter 3 for $5 $1.67 each first 3
Fred Meyer 1/2 gallon orange juice, milk and chocolate milk $1.25 first 8
Country Oven or VitaBee Bread $1.25 first 8
(if you like this kind, don't forget you can freeze bread)
Stouffer's Red Box or Lean Cuisine Entrees $2 first 10
2 lb. Medium Cheddar Cheese $3.99 first 1
Fred Meyer Deli Style Meat $2.50 first 4
$1 off Rotisserie Chicken first 3 (I use these in enchiladas, salads, etc. when I am in a hurry)
Nestle Candy Bars $0.33 first 6

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