Thursday, March 11, 2010

Decorating Deals

We recently moved and have been working on making our house a home (on a miniscule budget). I love looking at decorating blogs. One of my favorites is Little Green Notebook. I love pretty much anything Jenny does. I decided to try her bulletin board covered in fabric for my office (in fact her office is my inspiration). I think it turned out pretty cute. And it cost me less than $15 bucks.

I took an $8.97 bulletin board from WalMart:
and turned it into this:

I got the fabric at WalMart too. I didn't expect to but is was only $5.47/yard and I really like it. You just need FabriTac glue (also at Walmart) and some acrylic paint that I already had (which was kind of a pain. I should have sanded the wood a bit first or primed it). It took less than an hour! I think I am going to make another one for the other side of my window. I have enough fabric leftover.

Next week I will show you my laundry room, it's almost done and super cute!

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