Friday, February 19, 2010

Family Night Treat

We've got a bit of the sickies are our house. I meant to post a Date Night idea yesterday but I think I will give an idea for a Family Night since that is what we are having tonight (watching the Olympics---go USA!). Have you ever had a pizookie? It's a Pizza Cookie!

{This isn't one I made. It's a BJs photo.}

I first had one at BJ's restaurant back in CA. Let's just say it was divine. A friend of mine then made them for us when we would get together for game night. It was always a hit.

Basically, just take any kind of cookie dough (even store bought) and bake it in a cake pan or small individual oven-safe round dishes. Just add ice cream on top while it's hot and dig in. We'll have to make this one next week when little one is feeling better. Yummy!

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