Friday, February 12, 2010

Free Prego Sauce at Albertsons

When I ordered my Ronzoni coupons from The Coupon Clippers (I told you about them at the bottom of THIS post) I decided to order 10 $1 off Prego Heart Smart coupons while I was at it. Call me a pasta snob, but this is the kind I really like. I didn't notice it in the Albertsons ad but at the store I saw that Prego pasta is on sale for $1.99. WHAT?! I was able to double my coupons and get 10 Pregos for FREE! The Coupon Clippers is out but there are some Prego coupons on ebay. You might still have time to get them before Tuesday. I am kicking myself for not paying attention and telling you about this one sooner! Sorry. Honestly, I forgot about them until I got them in the mail today. I ordered them Tuesday at 11:02 pm MST and received them today (Friday).
Don't forget to get a raincheck if they are out (and then if your coupons don't come you can buy them later when there are doublers again).

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