Friday, February 12, 2010

My Walgreens Deals

Here are the great deals I got today at Walgreens
Using my 15% off TODAY ONLY coupon I purchased:
6 Gillette Fusion Razors $8.99--$1.35=$7.64-$4 off coupon=$3.64 OOP (plus, get a $4 RR back for a profit of $0.36!)
6 Venus Embrace Razors $8.99--$1.35=$7.64-$2 off coupon=$5.64 OOP (plus, get a $4 RR back for a FP of $1.64!)
6 Oil of Olay Body Wash FREE with each Venus Razor purchase
Crest Cavity Protection $2.59-0.39 (15% off)=$2.20-$1.50 store coupon-$0.75 manufacturer coupon (P&G 2/7)=FREE
6 Got2B Hair Products (with free samples) Buy 1, get 1 Free
2 for $5.99 -$0.90 (15% off)=$5.09 for 2 or $2.55 each FP (the hubs loves these)
2 Walgreens brand chapstick (filler items so I could use prior RRs) $0.99-$0.15 (15% off)=$0.84
1 Carmex Chapstick (another filler item) $1.50-$0.23 (15% off)=$1.27 FP
1 piece of fudge (filler item) $0.79-$0.12 (15% off)=$0.67
2 packs of Huggies $8.99-$1.35=$7.64-$2 off coupon=$5.64 OOP (plus, get a $3 RR for a FP of $2.64)
3 packs of Walgreens hand sanitizer 4 pack sprays normally $4.99, on clearance for $1.25-$0.25 (20% discount on Walgreens brand items=$1 FP (also used as fillers and because I am a germ freak!)
1 hand sanitizer bottle $0.74 on clearance -$0.11 (15% off)=$0.63 FP
Grand Total for these items (multiple transactions)=$89.51 (although I didn't spend that because I used my RRs from previous diaper purchase so subtract $33 and my $10 Aveeno RR=$46.51 OOP today) Plus, I have $48 in RRs for next time so I am still in the positive!!!
I also purchased CeraVe lotion because it works really well for my daughter's dry skin (better than anything I have tried). It is normally $12.99 and $15.99 I believe. Both were $3 off plus an additional 15% off so I purchased those as well.
Click HERE to see the rest of my Walgreens deals this week!

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