Friday, February 19, 2010

My Albertsons Deals Weekly Total

I am a little behind on this one...

In addition to these items above I told you about HERE. I ended up with 21 bottles of Prego (we use this a lot and it was FREE. Plus, I plan on giving some to my mom and sister). I ordered more coupons online and they got here on Tuesday. I didn't go to the store until late Tuesday night and they had a ton so I didn't feel bad at all. Something unexpected: I got $1 catalinas off my next purchase courtesy of Prego for each set of 3 (so I actually made $7). I was so stoked. I was happy about Free Prego but that sweetened the deal! I only have 10 pictured because I took them straight to the garage and didn't want to haul them all inside.

I also got 6 Trident Layers gum FREE. 10 boxes of Smart Taste pasta (plus a rain check), also FREE. I plan on making the Baked Penne a lot! I bought 5 Freschetta pizzas on sale for $5.49 but only paid $3.49. We already ate one Wednesday night (with our $0.47 salad again). I also got a rain check for Angel Soft toilet paper.

So my firt trip total was:
$93.03 worth of items for $25.84
My second trip total was:
Regular Price = $145.58
Sale Price = $86.74
Coupon Price: $17.45 (plus tax on the free items, but I would have had to pay tax on $145.58 or $86.74 so I won't complain about that!)

I got $238.61 worth of items for $43.29!!!!
Total savings 82% off!!!
That doesn't count my $7 in catalina coupons from the Prego and a $2 survey coupon (I have got 3 of these in the past month!)

I do realize that these deals are no longer available, I am posting this mostly to show how much you can save by couponing and to keep track of my deals. I try to make sure list all the deals I find during the sale so you can take advantage of it too!


Alexis said...

Do you know how long the cat on prego is running? Thanks!

Dan~Kerstin~Bree~ Baby #2 said...

So I tried calling the catalina company and Albertsons to find out. All I got was that when a new catalina starts it usually goes for about 2 weeks. I didn't get it when I bought the first set last week, just Tuesday. I thought I could call the catalina company, mention the deal and they would tell me the details (although I haven't done it before because my store usually knows them and tells me). Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!

Alexis said...

That's okay thanks anyhow!

The Crum Family said...

Good job Kerstin! That is amazing!