Monday, February 15, 2010

Oil of Olay Rebate

Remember the Venus razor/body wash deal I told you about HERE and HERE? Did you buy any on Friday at the Walgreens 15% off sale? If you purchased 3 or more on Friday, February 12th or later, you should have $15+ in Oil of Olay products that can be redeemed for a $15 rebate from Oil of Olay!!! The rebate is valid until March 12, 2010. Submit your receipts and THIS form by March 26, 2010.

If you haven't done it yet. Grab your coupons (from P&G 2/7) and run to Target or Walgreens and do this deal:

Here's how it should look at Target:
Buy 4 razors, and 4 Oil of Olay body washes (make sure body wash total is above $15)
4 razors @ $6.99=$27.96
Use 4 $2 off Venus coupons -$8
=19.96 OOP
Get 2 $5 gift cards for buying 4 razors
=$9.96 FP for 4 razors and 4 body washes
Then submit your receipt for the $15 Oil of Olay Rebate you will be making money!!! You will get paid $5.04 for buying these items. Gotta love it!

I have read on several blogs that if you buy 3 Oil of Olay Total Effects Body Wash that you will get $5 Gift Card as well. Supposedly you can scan the body wash on the price checker and it will say if it is part of a gift card promo. I haven't tried it. If that is the case you would get another $5 Gift Card taking the FP down to $4.96. Has anyone tried it?

Here is how it would look at Walgreens:
Buy Venus at $8.99, also buy Oil of Olay Body Wash
-2 Venus coupon
=$6.99 OOP
Get a $2 RR
$2.99 FP for razor and body wash
Repeat (do 3 seperate transactions so you get your RRs). Submit the receipts for the rebate!
Give the cashier the Free Body Wash coupon, then the $2 off Venus coupon.

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