Friday, February 12, 2010

More Doublers this Sunday!

My store told me that this Sunday's paper will also have the doublers in the ad! You have time to order your multiple newspapers if you call today. Click HERE for info. on the Deal Divas Couponing Special!

I told you how to get Free Pasta HERE. And other good deals HERE.

Here are a few more for you Deal Divas!
Freschetta Pizza $5.49
I didn't post this one originally because these used to be $3.99 at WinCo. They aren't anymore so by doubling THIS coupon or THIS one and you can get them for $3.49. I was able to print 4!

Cereal Deal:
Buy 4 boxes of any of these Kelloggs Cereals:
Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops, Cocoa Krispies, Honey Smack, Apple Jacks on sale for $1.88
Use two of THESE coupons (should be on page one) to get $3 off 4 boxes. Print coupons HERE as well. Try to print 2 of each per link!
Pay $4.52 and get a $3 catalina coupon! If you don't know what catalinas are check out Coupon Lingo. This can be used on your next transaction. So if you are buying other items. Pay for the cereal first and use your catalina on your other items or buy chicken for $1.88/lb.
This is like paying $1.52 for all 4 boxes ($0.38 cents each!!!)

Or buy 5 boxes using the same coupons above and get a $4 catalina. Pay $6.40 OOP, get a $4 catalina. $2.40 for 5 boxes or $0.48 cents each

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