Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ink Refill Deal

You may have thought about the cost of printing all these printable coupons. When you consider the savings versus the cost it is definitely worth it. But there are still ways to save on ink and paper. Most ink cartridges can be refilled at Coscto ($7.99-$9.99) and Walgreens ($12.99 for color or black). It is done at the photo counter and can usually be done in an hour. Not all Walgreens locations refill in one hour, if they don't do it in store it will take 24 hours. Most likely there is a location near you that can do it in one hour.
Paying $8-13 bucks is a lot better than $20-30+.

For a list of specific printer models that can be refilled at Walgreens click HERE.
For Costcos list click HERE.

Save on Paper Tip: When printing a coupon you can print two on the same piece of paper. Print the coupon once. Then put the same paper back through the printer. Make sure you know which side the coupon will print on so you don't print both in the same spot. When you select multiple coupons (like on usually 3 coupons print on a page so you don't have to worry about it.

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