Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gymboree Kid & Baby Sale

Ok, so you know I love deals. I also love shopping for my daughter (and little boy on the way). I happen to love Gymboree, Gap, and all the expensive stores, but I don't love their prices (who does?). But there are some ways to score some great deals (like Target prices) on name-brand clothing.

The most obvious tip is to use a coupon on sale and clearance items. I often buy ahead for next year at the end of season when prices are super low. Last fall I scored shorts for $3.99 and tops for about $3.99-4.99 (plus I used a coupon and got an additional 20% off). I try to buy only the type of fabric that will last longer (not t-shirt material). These don't show wash wear so I feel like I get more for my $$$. Coupons are often in magazines (Parents, Disney, etc).

This outfit from Gymboree cost me $5 bucks.

Another tip is to resell your used name-brand clothing. I sold a few years worth of my daughter's fall clothes at the beginning of fall last year for about $600 on ebay. I was shocked! I always start my auctions low--at $0.99 which gets a lot of watchers and bidders. I offer combined shipping and make sure to ship quickly. I was able to buy clothes for her (on ebay and on sale) in her size and the best part is that this fall I can do it again! Don't get me wrong, I love Target and even WalMart (sometimes), but if you want you can find deals on these too!
Visit Gymboree's sale HERE. If you are lucky enough to live by a Gymboree Outlet HERE is a 15% off coupon. Look for a coupon in Parenting magazine.


kranberrys said...

You can also sell your excellent used clothes at

It's a local consignment sale and it's HUGE! I get my kids entire wardrobe twice a year at this sale and usually I don't spend much if any over what I make selling my kids clothes.

Dan~Kerstin~Bree~ Baby #2 said...

They do have the best high-end stuff. I need to re-post an updated date for the spring sale--they changed it! Thanks!