Monday, February 8, 2010

Update (Again): Diaper Deal at Walgreens

Update on my update: Apparently the $3 coupon says Big Pack not Jumbo Pack. I haven't bought diapers in quite a while and I didn't pay very good attention. I know how picky Walgreens is so I would think that when using the wrong coupon it would beep (and it didn't) so I had no idea I was using the wrong one. I definitely don't want to be promoting an error.

Instead, use these printable coupons that are for the Jumbo Packs and Pull-Ups:
Here for $2 off (Thanks CouponSense)
Or Here for Pull-Ups! (, coupon will reset for you every month)

Sorry about the mis-info. I am human and will occasionally make mistakes. Saving an extra $1 is definitely not worth knowingly being dishonest. It can also affect future deals. I won't be getting any more diapers with the $3 off coupon and hope you follow suit.

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