Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Free Formula Sample

Click here to get Free Sample of Member's Mark formula (Sam's Club brand, which is probably a name brand in disguise!). I have done many online freebies over the years and it is so fun to go to the mailbox and have something besides bills right!? I am not due for a few more months and it let me enter a due date rather than baby's age. I breastfed my daughter for about 8 months but you better believe that I had tons of formula stocked up for her! I only spent $20 max. on formula for 4 or so months. That stuff is expensive, see how couponing saves you lots of $$$!? And if you didn't know....Costco's store brand formula is Similac.

I will be posting baby deals often because baby items are pretty pricey (and I need them, and know many others who do too). If you aren't at that stage in life, you probably know someone who is that you could pass the info along to. Diapers are great shower gifts too!

Thanks Hip2Save!

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