Thursday, February 4, 2010

Date Night Deal

I wish I could say that the hubs and I go out on a date every week but that is just not the case. I am, however, planning on coming up with several ideas of things we can do that are good deals so when we do go out we have lots of things to choose from.

It's not that we don't enjoy going to the movies, but at $10+ a ticket, we usually wait for the movie to be at Redbox. If there is something I really want to see (like Twilight, yes I was there at midnight) then another way to get your tickets is by purchasing a set of tickets at Costco (must buy 2 at a time). Tickets are $7.50-ish (I need to double check the exact amount--Costco won't give prices over the phone). If you have bought them recently please let me know the exact amout and I will update this post. Make sure to ask which theaters the tickets are good for. In the Treasure Valley the Costco movie tickets are good at Regal Theaters (Edwards).

These tickets are good for any show time. $15 is a lot better than $20. So, next time you are at Costco, make sure to ask them about movie tickets and you can use that $5 bucks for something else (like candy from the grocery store). If you don't have a membership, you probably know someone who does, ask them to pick some up for you.

Here in Idaho we have Costco locations in Nampa, Boise, Pocatello, Twin Falls, and Clarkston, WA, location is near Lewiston. Or you can click
here to find the one closest to you!

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